About Us

If your needs call for technical reports, white papers, advisory circulars, user manuals, directed resumes, proposal responses, editing professional documents or business presentations, we are here to frame your responses tailored to your audience.

We are a resource for finding answers to a variety of technical questions, researching and revising materials for effective technical communications. We will perform the research, conduct the interviews and interactions required to produce the finished product you request.

We can provide the consultation services needed to support your business needs for the problem at hand. Our strength is being able to supply the right elements and services to help you take advantage of the reach of the Internet.

We can provide you with hard copies, CDs, DVDs, flash drives of the finished product in the format of your choice. We will help you develop a realistic, well-organized presentation with accompanying printed handouts. We plan the presentation, organize your information, adapt the style and content, and help you generate the related materials tailored to your audience.

What’s more, Good Idea Girl™ partners with other professional service providers to make an array of resources available to businesses. Since 2006, we have partnered with Hypernia™ to be able to support projects that needed global technology and hosting services that help businesses and individuals take advantage of the speed and global reach of the technology of the Internet.

Contact Good Idea Girl™ for more information at siteadmin@goodideagirl.com